Adventure Zone

Live life more adventurously and unleash your inner Tarzan. With Rocky's Adventure zone: we promise you a day out you'll never forget! The formula for adventure is really quite simple: Novelty + courage = adventure and if it's indoors in an air conditioned environment, nothing like it! Rocky's adventure zone is just about Bumping your way in to your friends on the bumper cars, a fun filled and exhilarating Aerial adventure[Rope-walking] on the Rope course or setting yourself to scale the mightily wall [Rock-climbing].

Rocky's Adventure zone is ideally suited for everyone and whether it's for a fun family day out or your child's birthday party we promise your concentration will be just on having fun. Just watch your kids' confidence grow as they make their way around the specially designed course. For clothing, don't worry about fashion - just wear something you feel comfortable in that does not restrict your movement.

Bump your way [Bumper cars]

Bump your way into your friends on the bumper cars. Join in on the fun today with your family and ride the bumper cars. Not only for kids but adults too can smash and bump with the help of futuristic joystick which adds to the excitement.

Aerial Adventure [Rope course]

The Aerial adventure at Happy Planet is a horizontal challenge constructed from wood, cable and ropes installed above the ground and strung between steel frameworks. What makes our ropes course special is the challenges it sets for your kids mind and body in a safe and fun-filled environment, in order to build confidence and encourage independent learning. Kids are trained to tackle each element using their own initiative and determination, although our qualified staff are always on hand to provide guidance and that extra bit of motivation if need be. Kids will be fitted with harnesses and helmets then off they go on their own adventure.

Scale the Might Wall [Rock climbing]

Happy Planet brings you an impressive indoor climbing wall with something for everyone - kids and adults, veteran climber or an amateur. With combination of fun climbing related tasks and challenges these sessions give kids a fun experience of climbing in a safe and supervised environment. Indoor rock climbing is a great way for kids to get some much needed activity with a mix of learning and play in a safe environment. Our qualified Instructors will teach your kids basic climbing skills to keep them active throughout the session. You or your kids don't need any previous climbing experience. You will always leave with a great sense of achievement after completing this thrilling adventure.