Guaranteed to keep your little ones endlessly engaged, we at Happy Planet offer Bouncy's Creche area which is a plethora of fun and excitement. It boasts of more than 20+ activities with two super-sized inflatables geared to entertain kids of all ages. Parenting is a challenging and responsible job and every parent wants the best for their child. Due to concerns for our children's safety we are becoming less and less inclined towards allowing them to play in parks and other public places. At Happy Planet, Bouncy's Creche provides a safe & playful environment for children but, besides the entertainment value kids get an opportunity to develop their gross motor coordination skills as well as their fine motor coordination skills all while enjoying the freedom of outdoor play.

Other benefits include developing eye-hand coordination and improving muscle tone. Activities list that goes on are Balance jumpolene inflatable, Double inflatable slide, Wave slide with soft pad, Submarine combination, Rainbow ladder, Revolving tunnel, Toy bricks, Number bricks, Sea-lion rocker, Shark, Sea-horse block, Hedge roller run, Themed panel, Long roller, Punching bag, Ball fountain, Canon shooting, Triangle elevators, Fun and learn panels, Punching balls, Adventure bridge, Mini carousel, Spike- punching ball, Ball pool.