Shoot the ball

Wish to get mesmerized in the most wackiest way at Happy Planet? We bring you a revolutionary & eventful experience which is new, unique and interactive in the world of photo entertainment. Join Mini - Smilos pretty friend in her wacky way to design on Air Graffiti an art form that dates back to the Egyptians. It has a combination of technologies that when melded together simply creates magic. It involves digital painting on a virtual graffiti wall. Have fun and show your unique creativity on your own photos. You really don't need to be an artist for a fun, edgy, & innovative experience. Just pick up the digital spray can, pick up your color, adjust the spray and start tagging.

It's fun, addictive, creative and interactive. It has a very user friendly interface. Air Graffiti's only limitations are your imagination! If your were searching for that something new, something fresh, something with that little extra WoW! Then you have found it. Air Graffiti is new, unique, trendy and cool. It's creative expression out of thin air. Different drawing techniques can be used to create air graffiti: spraying, using virtual stencils, stamps, photo effects and drawing effects, applying specialized painting methods like dripping just like real graffiti make the experience so realistic. Looking for a power packed event with the ultimate experiences that captivates, energizes, mesmerizes and entertains then Air graffiti is the answer.